TODO list for

This page shows the feature that will be coming soon. Some of this features will be visible to the user while other will be more discreet. These features will make the bulk of the versions 2.X. In no particular order :

  • Implement the TODO in the code.
  • Make a reverse selection alongside keep and delete.
  • Make a framework for the persistence of preferences.
    • The position and the size of the window.
    • The most recently used accounts.
    • Make the sort, mark, view and most recent either sub-menus or directly on the menu (as is it now).
    • The default size of the text area in ViewInternalFrame.
  • Have an icon for most menu item.
    • Have a mnemonic for each menu item.
  • Make right-click popup menu when relevant.
  • Set up correctly the JTable properties.